What is the ECG – European Cosplay Gathering?

The European Cosplay Gathering is a cosplay contest on European scale. We want to offer the opportunity to the best cosplayers all over Europe to perform on the greatest cosplay stage at Japan Expo in Paris, but also to meet people sharing the same passion and to live one great experience.

We work with cosplayers, organizers and events in order to create the best cosplay show, for them and the audience, no less than 15,000 cosplay addicted people cheering for all the participants!

13 Countries take now part in the ECG : Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Each of these countries will select a solo and a group (of 2 or 3 cosplayers) to represent their colors at the ECG Finals at Japan Expo.

The winners, one solo and one group, will be crowned champions of the ECG and receive wonderful prizes!

As a proud sponsor of ECG season 7, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe provides cash prizes for both country selections and Japan Expo Finals to support cosplayers creativity. BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe also grants additional cash prize bonuses to cosplayers if they win a country selection or Japan Expo Finals with a performance linked to any universe from the list available here

Where and when are the next ECG selections?

The 7th Season of the ECG has already started at Japan Expo in 2016 and will reach its climax at Japan Expo 2017 with the ECG Finals! For the next selections in your country check this page!

I don’t see my country in the list

ECG is still growing! Send us a message or ask event organizers from your country to contact us to see if they can join the European Cosplay Gathering.

ECG Finals winners list

-Season 1, Italy in Solo Category (Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core) and Portugal in Group Category (Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles)

©Damien Borel

-Season 2, Germany in Solo Category (Fate/stay night) and France in Group Category (Xenosaga)


-Season 3, Poland in Solo Category (Zangeki no reginleiv) and France in Group Category (Monster Hunter 4)


-Season 4, United Kingdom in Solo Category (Moulin Rouge) and United Kingdom in Group Category (The Avengers)


-Season 5, Denmark in Solo Category (Zone00) and France in Group Category (Van Helsing)

©Shashin Kaihi Photography

-Season 6, DFrance in Solo Category (World of Warcraft) and France in Group Category (Pan)

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